A Tailored Approach to Selling Real Estate

Selling a property is assumed to be one of the more stressful things you will have to do throughout your life. However, if done correctly it can be not just a straight forward process but also a positive life-changing one.

It’s been a pleasure being able to assist so many homeowners achieve their dreams when selling what is most of the time their biggest assets.

Below are a range of properties that Team Dowling has Sold. These range from apartments to townhouses, duplexes, villas, old cottages and war service homes to also prestige residences around the Ryde district and surrounding areas.

There are many ways to sell a property and move. Our team provides a tailored approach to each property and client to ensure that the best approach is taken to maximize the result best for your circumstances.

If you’d like a no obligation discussion regarding your circumstances and how we can help you sell, please contact Team Dowling now.

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Properties we've loved

7/31 Clermont Avenue, Ryde

Sold for $1,090,000

5 Tunks Street, Ryde

Sold for $1,590,000

61 Ulm Street, Ermington

Sold for $1,110,000

6/10-12 Belmore Street, Ryde

Sold for $670,000

17/1-55 West Parade, West Ryde

Sold for $799,999

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